Being a #Boss

Why is everyone talking about being a #bossgirl or #bossbabe

Girl boss, I’m almost certain you have heard this phrase thrown around social media right?

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed this ‘trend’ (and I use the word loosely because I think it’s more of a Lifestyle), has really taken off and become a bit of an epidemic – a great one! Girls everywhere are using the Hashtag #BOSSBABE. – (Actually Snoops wife, Shante, has been calling herself the boss lady for YEARS, so credit to the real boss lady where it’s due 😉)

The tags are being used for literally everything you can think of
going to the gym #bossbabe,
working on my shit #bossbabe,
buys an expensive purse #bossbabe
Reads a business book #bossbabe

I mean I’m totally for this trend and I’m not going to lie, I have used this hashtag more than once. It’s so positive to see a social trend that is being broadcasted and advertised all over, as an influence for all women around the world telling them that no matter what stage of life they’re in, who they are or what they look like, you can live your dreams if you work for it.

For me, seeing all these amazing influencers on social media from fashion & travel bloggers to small business entrepreneurs really started to get me excited and made me question where I was in my life & if I was truly happy doing what I am doing? And like the majority, I’m not fulfilled in my current 9-5 job that I’m not passionate about! I mean, I love the people I work with, and we do some really cool stuff, however, it’s just not where I see myself long term. I began researching how & why these women I keep reading about all over the internet and in magazines were now living the dream life, being their own #boss, travelling the world and making tons of money in the meantime, and questioned myself again, why the hell am I still stuck in a job I don’t want to be doing in 10 years time, earning minimum wage.

I guess I never really knew what my true passion was because I’d never taken the time to really think about it. I dropped out of school with no real direction in life and went on the hunt for any job I could find (which led me to admin work ultimately) and before I knew it, office work became my life and I never questioned it until now.

I started reading into ‘finding my true passion’ and how you can turn that into a business or a side hustle. It seems Cliché, but we all want to live life doing something we love right? From this, I realised my true passion and love is fashion, Pop Culture & Travel (hence my blog name).

There are tons of entrepreneurs out there who have created empires from basically nothing, girls just like you and I who were once stuck in a job they felt no passion or love towards, who one day decided to take life into their own hands so to speak, and that’s exactly what I (along with my bestie) have decided to do. Now I’m not saying I’m going to quit my job tomorrow and follow my dreams blablabla and run off in my own little bubble, I’m saying I’ve uncovered my passion, and with all the resources & influencers available, I believe & have decided it’s my time to drink the Koolaid too…(the sugar free version)

If I don’t do this now, if I don’t take a risk now it’s never going to happen! A quote I once heard that resonated was from a fitness influencer (another obsession of mine) and it went something like this“if you half-ass one aspect of your life, the chances are high you will half-ass everything in your life”

This gave me the feels and made me realise that I get so passionate about the things I really put my mind to, & become obsessed very easily with new habits or trends. I have an addictive personality which I realise is a quality/characteristic that I need to take complete advantage of & start chanelling all this fire inside of me into this new journey & build a business out of a passion and one day become my own boss. If I can put as much passion into this as I do my training, or healthy lifestyle or self-development, then I will be the ultimate BOSS BABE!

To sum it up, I have been working on a side hustle business with a very close like-minded friend of mine, & in the process of starting up our own Online Fashion Boutique &. We are taking advantage of all the resources out there to help us build our empire & we are so excited to see where this takes us I couldn’t wait to share the beginning of this journey with ya’ll.


Watch this space #bossbabes in the making…….


Throw on some Gangsta rap, grab a coffee & handle it


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