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Cardi B & why she’s my spirit animal 🦁



I wanna party with Cardi, diamonds all over my body……….


The not so regular girl from the Bronx who made a name for herself becoming one of the most talked about female rappers in a minute (sorry Nicki).

Your reality tv enthusiast right here 🙋 was hooked the minute I met Cardi B on the Reality Show Love & Hip Hop New York a few years back. In case you missed it, or you been living under a rock, allow me to introduce you to my spirit animal, Cardi B..

This best of video is worth the watch…😂

From her potty mouth commentary to her real shit talk, she is just so relatable & let’s face it, there’s a little Cardi B in all of us (if you don’t relate..at all.. you probably won’t like me and I won’t waste any more of your time)

She started from the bottom working at a regular shmegular supermarket in Tribeca on a salary of $250/week and continued working her ass off (literally) to build the million dollar empire she sits on today. Although Cardi never forgot where she came from and how she climbed to the top, she doesn’t encourage ‘dancing’ but does inspire and preach to never stop working hard for your dreams, and let nobody tell you that you can’t!

I feel so damn powerful
Cardi B is powerful

She has her own accent & literally her own vocabulary which just makes you love the girl more. Always talking like she’s arguing & in a hurry, she was once asked by a manager to ‘Change her accent’ which thankfully she didn’t because there’s a reason we can’t forget the ‘What’s Poppin, Schmoney talking Bronx born Queen!


I'm an emotional gangster - Cardi B
I’m an emotional Gangster – Cardi B


She loves McDonalds Chicken Nuggets & is definitely a little extra with her crazy hairstyles, out there fashion sense & A LOTA Bling…. she gets a big tick in my book

Queen Cardi
Cardi B the Queen

Cardi B has left a mark in the music industry that will carry on FOREVER (trust me my kid will wanna party with Cardi)

What do you think about Cardi? Do you LOVE her OR NOT? leave a comment! 


  • Merryl Schalk

    OMG! She talks so fast that my ears can’t keep up lol but I do love her Cardi B isms tho. In particular, ‘Whats Poppin’, Shhmoney & last but not least…..’If a girl have beef with me, she gon’ have beef with me forever 😂 Amen Cardi B

    • Shenay

      I LOVE this girl, she kills me with the way she talks. She’s so genuine & not trying to please anyone !!